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  • You can register yourself, then register your project and do whatever you want
  • You can login as 'linus' with password 'founder' and play with staff & requests in the 'Test Project'.
  • The demo is available here.
  • New: We are in French, Russian and English now. You can select the interface language in profile.

The Project Assistant (prass) is NOT meant to be a replacement for Bugzilla. It is NOT even a replacement for Mantis, or phpBugTracker! The project grows it's own way to become powerful bug/support/feature requests tracking system.


  • A web server
  • A database server (MySQL vesion >3.23)
  • A C/C++ compiler (GCC vesion >2.91)


Here's a quick list of some of the features of Project Assistant

  • Track bugs by multiple users on multiple projects
  • Bug history showing changes made to a bug over its lifetime
  • The option to store passwords encrypted in the database
  • Use of CSS to easily change the color scheme
  • HTML templates allow you to completely change the look of the interface